US Air Force – Active Duty

Dental Laboratory Technician 2003 – 2007

United States Air Force – Lackland AFB, Texas

Provided Dental Laboratory support to Lackland AFB and 12 satellite bases.  Performed technical procedures pursuant to the fabrication of Removable Partial Dentures, Fabricated Complete Dentures, Dental Ceramics, Dental Laboratory Fundamentals, Inlays, Crowns, and Fixed Partial Dentures.

Key Contributions:

  • Enhanced the services and products provided by the Almquist Stereolithography Laboratory
  • Development of case tracking database; decreased accountability errors and training deficiencies
  • Revamped the supply chain management within the laboratory

Technical Environment:

  • Developed a case management system using MS Access
  • Expanded the capabilities of the designed software by scaling the solution to a SQL Server
  • Enhanced the presentation of the application to access reports via SharePoint